Cleaning house.

by Danielle on June 3, 2014

in family life

My children are grots. Complete and utter grots. At least once, twice, three times a day I am kicking them out of the house so I can do boring things like clean it and when they refuse to leave the house their only other option is to get off the floor and entertain themselves. Which in all honestly they are pretty good at {most of the time}. Lucky they are cute or they wouldn’t get away with such naughty behavior.
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The Bali Diaries I

by Danielle on May 16, 2014

in travel

For Christmas my parents brought my sisters & I tickets to Bali. I know, I know. Best christmas present ever and then being his birthday  my brother decided to come along too, the more the merrier right on a girl weekend away. We flew out late and arrived in the darkness waking up the next morning in the most beautiful tropical villa.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetBali Dream VillaArriving late we figured we may as well just keep powering on so that is exactly what we did. We booked ourselves into a white watering tour and after a quick power nap in the car we hit the river for 2 1/2 hours of crazy, adrenaline pumping fun. Of course there is no photos of this time because we were all working our butts off and the theme for the day may very well have involved a few choice words so lets just skip to the touristy photos.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAND the food because boy did we eat good in Bali. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetExhausted we made our way back the villa where we proceeded to study the in house menu and explore the villa until it was time to surface again for food.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_8735bali dream villaBy dinner time we did not want to leave the villa. But it was our brothers birthday so we threw on some clothes and headed out to The Salty Seagull {it’s down the far end of Seminyak past it’s sister restaurant Motel Mexicola} What can I say. It was so delicious that I didn’t even take a picture of my food. The salt + pepper crab and those juicy ribs..just thinking about it makes my mouth water and the bibs, they will be on a runway near you before you know it. If you are ever in Bali put it on your list!
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Everyday we leave the house. Snacks, drinks, camera in hand and we venture into to the world ready for a new day. A new adventure. Never really knowing where we the day will take us.

Everybody we meet talks about the attitude Luigi and have with our kids, the way we behave and view life and in return the way our children have the same values, the same free spirit. Never wasting a moment, never losing that raw emotion that comes from truly living your life the best you can.

It is utterly impossible to capture every moment, some of the best ones are the ones not recorded. We keep them close, remembering the good times and sometimes the bad.

The world has changed, sharing has changed. In many ways social media killed this blog but in someways it strengthened it. The community and the people who are attached to it. The values, the vision and their will for real life moments. Not just moments in our lives but moments in their lives too.

Everyday I come home with 100’s of images and I sit down at my computer and I share them with the world. Because..Life is there to be lived and if we are not living it then we truly are just wasting it.



Violet has been sick all day, she spent her day laying on the couch watching movies while the girls were in the other room with the kids from next door getting busy with the loom bands. At 5:30 I just knew we had to escape so we piled everybody in the car and headed for the beach. The sunsets have been amazing the last few nights and I’ve been itching to get to the beach and photograph it but lately life just seems busy and it’s harder and harder to escape. Violet ran and laughed and burned off some steam and fell asleep in the car home. The beach really does work wonders for the soul and for wearing out those crazy kids.


Now that my sister doesn’t live in Darwin it is a very rare occasion that cross the Berrimah line and venture out to Palmerston. It’s funny to think that we use to travel 100km to go to the supermarket and now I complain about a 20 min drive to another suburb. How life has changed. We meet a client yesterday and after out session we needed to burn off some steam. The kids eyes lit up when they saw the hill and there was no stopping them. These pictures visualise just how insane our life is right now. Welcome to the crazy house!! 20140416-233425.jpg20140416-233445.jpg 20140416-233502.jpg 20140416-233531.jpg 20140416-233604.jpg 20140416-233628.jpg 20140416-233652.jpg


Embrace the humidity

by Danielle on April 12, 2014

in darwin, family life

There is so many amazing things about living in Darwin. A change of life style, freedom from our old jobs, so many things to entertain us right there at our finger tips. One of them however is not the humidity. Ergh! Some of us cope better then others braving the outdoors and sweating it out while others like me can be found hiding inside. Abgail suffers the most but that doesn’t stop her from braving the outdoors to have some fun and she totally works those curls in the humidity. Can anybody say crazy!