Now that my sister doesn’t live in Darwin it is a very rare occasion that cross the Berrimah line and venture out to Palmerston. It’s funny to think that we use to travel 100km to go to the supermarket and now I complain about a 20 min drive to another suburb. How life has changed. We meet a client yesterday and after out session we needed to burn off some steam. The kids eyes lit up when they saw the hill and there was no stopping them. These pictures visualise just how insane our life is right now. Welcome to the crazy house!! 20140416-233425.jpg20140416-233445.jpg 20140416-233502.jpg 20140416-233531.jpg 20140416-233604.jpg 20140416-233628.jpg 20140416-233652.jpg


Embrace the humidity

by Danielle on April 12, 2014

in darwin, family life

There is so many amazing things about living in Darwin. A change of life style, freedom from our old jobs, so many things to entertain us right there at our finger tips. One of them however is not the humidity. Ergh! Some of us cope better then others braving the outdoors and sweating it out while others like me can be found hiding inside. Abgail suffers the most but that doesn’t stop her from braving the outdoors to have some fun and she totally works those curls in the humidity. Can anybody say crazy!


Lets go exploring

by Danielle on April 9, 2014

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While Abigail slept yesterday I sat at my computer and edited my little heart out while the big kids shuffled between their ipads and the fridge. By the time Abigail woke we were all ready to escape so after a quick shower and a fresh change of clothes we all jumped in the car and ran away with no real destination in mind, except we wanted to stop by the butchers and buy chicken schnitzels for dinner. I stopped the car and we found ourselves at the beach, just down the road from my favourite butcher. I heard a moan from the back..really mum, the beach again. I turned around and said: Yes, the beach, lets go!

We are blessed with so many wonderful little hideaways in Darwin, little nooks to explore and this one is most definitely one of my favourites. There is so many different shapes + colours, so many little spots to explore, so many treasures waiting to be discovered. You just never know what you are going to find.

We are into day five of the school holidays and the kids are determined not to waste a minute. Except for those sleep ins, they are all sorts of amazing!




Scout Canoe Training

by Danielle on March 24, 2014

in bush life, kids, travel

Effie’s scout group are going on an adventure. An adventure that requires serious training because come the mid year holidays they will be canoeing up the Katherine Gorge. The trip is an 18km round trip, let’s hope they make it further then we did when we were growing up, we gave up at the third gorge.


Beep Beep

by Danielle on March 22, 2014

in family life

Chubby legs, crazy curls, smiles that light up the room. These are the moments I want to remember forever.


Life is a beach.

by Danielle on March 19, 2014

in darwin, family life

Sometimes my head feels cramped. The house is messy, the kids are screaming, you haven’t made dinner and there just isnt an easy way to fix it without going insane. My solution. Throw a few packets of emergency rations in your back pack, grab your camera, call a friend and run away to the beach. We get to the beach, we unload everything into the pram and as soon as I feet hit the sand I instantly feel better, the kids do too. Almost anything can be fixed at the beach.