Make it happen.

by Danielle on August 5, 2014

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Every since returning home we have had the most amazing sunsets and all I have wanted to do is pack the kids into the car and head to the beach but somehow each day life got in the way but today, today we made it happen. We had our moments, the kids were happy and then sad and it started it all over again and the sunset most definitely worth it. casuarina beach darwinbeach3beach2beach10beach13beach15beach20beach16beach23


Coming home

by Danielle on July 22, 2014

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We returned home a few days ago and today marked the end of four jam packed weeks of holidays and the start of a brand new term. We have stripped off our winter woolies, located our thongs and are ready to start the second half of the year with a clean slate and an extra boost of energy.

Bring on afternoons in the sunshine, jumping on the trampoline and all the smiles and laughter that come with it.

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Life on the block

by Danielle on July 12, 2014

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If you asked me who was having the most fun down here I’m just not sure I could answer that. All of the girls are having a ball for the own personal reasons. Violet is just a constant ball of energy. Forever following around her old pop and busying herself around the yard collecting wood, helping to shift rocks, feed the chooks, the dogs and so much more. It’s just go, go, go for this kid. She walks past the house several times a day always with a smile on her dial and she is often singing a song as she works along side her old pop. He made a comment the other day how violet just keeps on talking and never lets up but I think he secretly enjoys it and his lapping it up while it lasts. She fits in pretty well as a scruffy bush kid. hay253hay249hay246hay244hay241hay240hay238hay234hay233hay232hay230hay229hay228hay227hay226hay225hay220hay223hay222


We took the kids over the Shear Outback Hall of Fame today. It’s walking distance from my parents place and a fantastic little piece of history for a small town to have. We were running a little behind schedule so the kids whizzed through the museum and raced straight over to the shearing shed to get seats right up the front and then afterwards straight out to the maze where they ran around and around and around until their little legs couldn’t run anymore.


Yesterday we woke up late, had a lazy breakfast and then we all changed in some scrappy bush clothes for hanging around the block. Wehad planned a welcome home camp fire lunch for my brother and his partner but they weren’t able to make it so we went ahead anyway. The kids helped to collect wood and light fire and then set out to prepare the food for lunch.

Abigail had her nap in the pram and just kept on sleeping so we took full advantage of the fact that she remained clean and warm in the pram and kept on working. She woke up about 10 minutes before lunch to enjoy what we can only describe as a grand feast. Savour and sweet damper, lamb chops, sausages, onions, potatos and local pumpkin.

Just after 2:30 we packed up our campfire, sent the kids up to the house to have a bath followed by almost everybody collapsing onto the couch to enjoy a movie.



This weekend we took a family trip across to Altina Wildlife Park just outside of Darlington Point. We had booked into the 1pm tour so we took our time getting ready at home and started the journey from my parents house just an hour away. The wind was freezing with rain on the way but we were all rugged and comfortable and nothing could dampen the kids spirits.

The tour via horse carriage went for 2.5 hours and was absolutely packed with so many animals to see. The park was huge and all of the animals came up so close and were all in big, clean, well maintained paddocks just like you would find them if you had seen them in the wild. We are a bit of a expert on zoos and wildlife parks having lived all over the country and visited most of the australian ones but Altina takes the cake it really was fantastic for everyone from babies to the grandparents, just awesome.

We arrived home just before dark. Absolutely exhausted but totally satisfied. I bet my kids would happily jump in the car and go again tomorrow.