I took the kids to our gp today to check over a few things that had been bothering me. It feels like we have had one thing after another the last few months and I’d just really like a break. He put his stethoscope on and checked out the kids, he gave me a few remedies to try at home and then he looked up and said Danielle they are all absolutely fine you are just a stressed out parent, go home and have a glass of wine.

The truth is there is a lot going on lately and sometimes I feel like my itty bitty head might just explode. As I drove home, the kids bickering in the back I turned away from home and headed straight for the beach. Two days in one week, well this is just unheard of.

Lately I’ve been making a habit of carrying my big camera around with me. To capture the moment and embrace the day. The days move so quickly, the kids keep growing and there just instead enough moments in the day to waste a second of it.



School holidays are coming to an end. It has been awesome, seriously awesome. But with the end in sight this week we have been in organization mode at home because we need to have everything in place for when we go back next week and there will not be any hiccups but sometimes organization mode drives us a little batty and we feel the need to escape, to pile in the car and just get out of the house.

Today our need to escape lead us to the beach with our beautiful, chilled out friends. Violet just loves the concept of having her very own friends and oh boy does she love miss maggie. I guess she is always surrounded by big kids and it must be so nice to have a little attention for herself.

The kids picked up crabs, searched the beach for shells and then started making mud pies in the rock pools. It wasn’t long before the clothes came off and the mud began to fly. Now at this point in time some parents might start to stress about this situation but Sarah & I seem to be pretty relaxed in our parenting styles and things like this..well were happy to just let them slide because it’s perfectly ok to do this because we live in Darwin. Jelly fish, crocodiles and all the rest life is all about making memories and the laughter was well worth the mess. Days like these just make me happy, crazy hair and all.

Disclaimer: We promise there was no jelly fish or crocodiles..




by Danielle on January 20, 2014

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This week has disappeared before our eyes. It’s been totally wet and wonderful. I have spent the week de-cluttering our house while the kids have amused them selves {most of the time} it has been amazingly fabulous. I wish this wonderful weather could last forever. In between the rain we have escaped outside to burn off some steam. Abigail continues to pop out teeth like they are going out of fashion and the count is now up to five. Thank god this is the last time we will ever have do this.

Effie – Nerdy spice
Josceline – Sporty spice
Violet – High maintenance spice
Abigail – Curly spice

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A lot has been happening behind the scenes lately or more so behind the camera. After years of saying I wanted focus on family photography and get out there and do something more then commercial work and more then taking photos of my children on the trampoline I have finally taken the plunge and made it happen.

For the last few weeks I have been shooting families and babies and absolutely loving the challenge. Right now I’m working like a busy bee building a local profile to show off all of my pretty darn amazing skills and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

I have set up a new blog with the help of my lovely technical support team to get the bones in place and I have been tinkering away ever since. So if life seems a little slow here, don’t forget to pop by and say Hello!




by Danielle on January 15, 2014

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Effie: I can see her mind tinker away as she takes it all in, processes it and then puts it up in that memory bank for later use
Josceline: In desperate need of a hair cut but is determined to grow it out, she is also refusing to pin it back. I give up
Violet:That hair, so messy, so wild but so perfect for her
Abigail: A force not to be messed with, she can win over even the toughest old grump with those eyes and that smile

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It’s been seriously hot here the last few days and we have spent a large chunk of our week vegging around the house and hiding in the air conditioning trying to stay cool only. It was just us girls today and with cyclone weather about the temperature dropped just low enough to make being outside bearable so of course the girls jumped at the chance to catch the last croc feeding at crocodylus. We brought the kids a yearly pass for easter last year and it’s been such a solid investment. Crocodylus is only 5 minutes from our house and we have been so many times that the kids are starting to lose count. I think that’s the best thing about Darwin, it may not be the fanciest set up but there is so many things we have access to that would have required a full day in town to access in Queensland. We have almost been in here for twelve months now and while we miss the friendship we formed in Queensland life just keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait to see what adventures will have in 2014.


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