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My aim for 2015 is to re-focus and find some balance. Part of this whole re-focusing thing is to pick up my camera and find my mojo again I seem to have left it back in July 2014 when our mini break turned into me being on permanent vacation.

So I’m starting from scratch, experimenting with my images and having some fun along the way. If somebody asked me to describe my photography I would have to say spastic. Totally spastic.

I don’t care about rule of thirds or getting the right picture, I hold my camera on my hip or above my head, I roll around on the ground/the trampoline or wherever the kids roam. I’m all about taking risks and having fun and somehow in my own quirky way it works.



In 2014 I felt like I spent a large part of the year trying to de-clutter our lives with very little success. Renovating inside your house and building a shed will do that to you I guess but for most of the year I felt consumed by the mess, the chaos, the slack tradesmen and juggling all of the kids and their commitments outside of school as well. It just wasn’t working.

With christmas getting closer by the day and the thought of spending christmas overseas my mind was at risk of exploding with the thought of bringing more toys into our house or taking them back between Australia/Singapore/Manilla. The simple solution of course was not to buy a thing.

Ok that’s kind of a lie. We didn’t buy nothing..I spent $3000 pesos ($81 AUS) on things to amuse them while we were on location and believe me $3000 brought a whole lot of crap we didn’t bring home.

But when we came home we wanted to buy the kids something that would push the kids out of the house and give them something active to get them out of the house and keep them busy and make them play together instead of having their noses buried in their iPads .

So we went out and we brought a basketball hoop and the kids loved it and they played together and they spent less time on their iPads {when the weather agreed} and it was so awesome we went out and brought a smaller one for the little girls and they loved it too.

Even Luigi joined in on the fun and Violet declared it the best present ever. Look at those happy faces, I totally have to agree with the kid on this one.

Christmas isn’t about presents but sometimes the memories they bring are all sorts of wonderful.

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I remember sitting in my father in laws drive way back in 2012. It was our second trip for the year and we didn’t know how much time we had left with Luigi’s father.  It was raining, Violet was almost naked and running up and down the drive way followed by the other two girls on their scooters. The rain felt amazing on my skin and I remember saying to myself this is what living in the territory is all about, this is what I want for my children.

A months later Luigi’s father passed away, we packed up all of his things and carted some of the more memorable things back to Queensland. We felt a longing for home that lingered, not wanting to go away and within a few months we found ourselves relocating to the territory.

Today I watched the kids playing in the rain and was taken back to that moment. This is why we live here, this is what its all about. Our kids are living the dream.

andreoli family
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School is officially out and what a relief. We are now eagerl



Not coping

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I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m not coping right now. It’s the end of the year and on top of all of the crazy end of year concerts, parties and get togethers Abigail is just at a really horrid age and seems to be breaking my brain bit by bit as the days wear on.

Everyday we leave the house simply because it keeps us sane. Each day my kids are fed, entertained and Abigail very rarely misses a nap because she just can not survive without it. But each day I feel like what I’m doing is not enough.

Abigail has been very difficult the last few months with constant mood swings, fussy eating and fighting everyone and everything that crosses her path. Some days she will crawl out of bed, check everybody out in the dinning room and then run back to bed. Life is obviously too hard to deal with before 9am. I feel her pain I’d much rather be in bed too.

I know these tough time comes and go. We have been here before but in someways we haven’t. Abigail is not like the other girls, she brings her own brand of crazy to the table.

I’ve always been a big believer in positive energy and having a positive attitude. I’ve always believe that our children only reflect what they see in us and I admit that a lot of this is my doing because ultimately I feel I’m not that cool, calm and relaxed parent anymore. These days I’d describe myself as a stressed out fuss ball with her head in a spin who never has enough hours in the day.

Right now. Life does not feel fun, in fact it just plain sucks but all we can do is embrace it, continue to live in the moment and hope the sunrise is just around the corner.



Sunday Session

by Danielle on October 19, 2014

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The weather has been disgusting lately but we had this crazy idea this morning that we should take the kids out on the boat, you know instead of having it just sit in the backyard for a change we would get out there and create some of those good old family memories. A fantastic idea in theory. Abigail is at that really horrible stage right now where she just doesn’t want to sit still and wants to have her hands in absolutely everything she possibly can. Why do we always forget this?

The kids caught a few fish and Abigail went on to whinge for 40% of the time, raid the esky 40% of the time and then finally found a bit of calm and a few smiles for the last part of our adventure and whinging aside it was still a fantastic adventure and a much better alternative then sitting on the couch watching tv. Perhaps next time Luigi can take the kids on an adventure and I’ll stay home with Abigail and watch her trash the house.

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