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We all have goals in life that we work towards at some point or another. Some are big things like world peace and climbing everest, buying our first house, first car, finding the perfect man to marry. Others are smaller/simpler things like eating healthy for a month, quitting the ciggies and promising ourselves to exercise […]


This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang When it comes to learning. My kids are super nerds. The other day I handed them a box of chalk and they instantly made themselves comfortable and started doing sums. It just melts my heart to see them like this. Our kids pick up things so easily nowadays […]


So for the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of trialling the all new and fabulous Samsung Smart Camera¬†WB150F. It’s been all sorts of fun and I’m having a ball playing with all the new settings and features but I’ll talk more about that another day. Today I’m here to tell you about a […]


I don’t come from a religious family. Yes I’ve been christened and confirmed and I know all the facts about life and how we got here and all that but as a family we never went to church or anything like that and when it came time for me to organise my wedding I choose […]


When I started my little blog back in 2006 I had no idea how much I would get out of my blog and where it would take me. I was a bored navy wife sitting at home with my baby and I had no idea that a few years later the Australian blogosphere would explode […]


This post is sponsored by Nuffnang for Fisher Price Growing up we lived in the Northern Territory and we travelled a lot, every weekend we were out there doing something new and exciting. Camping on the river in the Kimberley’s just metres from the crocodiles, road trips to Broome, walking through Kakadu, canoeing down rivers […]