Boiled Eggs

by Danielle on September 19, 2013

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Seriously boiled eggs is one of the best things to ever walk this planet but did you know that until today this kid had never eaten a boiled egg in her life. Seriously what kind of mother am I, that’s just cruel.

Of course not having done it before the kid was totally confused and did what she does best and started using her egg up as a tea cup, because we are all about tea parties around here.

IMG_5463 IMG_5473 IMG_5476

Once the tea had disappeared we set onto the important things like breakfast. Five little eggs sitting in a bowl and plate of toast soldiers ready to be gobbled up.
IMG_5484 IMG_5491 IMG_5493 IMG_5495 IMG_5515 IMG_5518Violet gobbled up her three eggs and then moved onto mine making that a total of five eggs. That serves me right for focusing more on capturing the moment then actually eating my breakfast. You snooze, you lose. I think boiled eggs are now on the breakfast menu.


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