Making technology work.

by Danielle on January 21, 2013

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There is no denying it technology is changing our lives everyday. Every. Single. Day. It’s in news, it’s in the papers and how you choose to use them effects your life in so many different ways. Every member of our family {over the age of five} owns at least one I device. In fact some of us own multiple devices which we utilize everyday. Hubby uses his for relaxation, mine is used to share our life with the world through this blog, Effie uses her for a multitude of reasons from games to research for her latest school project and right at this moment as I write up this post I can see Josceline in my bedroom dancing around taking her very own selfie. Perhaps I’ll share them later when she’s not looking, she’s a little bit camera shy {publicly}.

For us it’s all about using technology in moderation and making sure we have a life outside of all of these wonderful new gadgets. Take today for example, while Violet went down for a nap the big girls snuck off the sanctuary of Effie’s bedroom while I ate a peaceful lunch, took in a quiet moment in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and found my own escape path online. That to me is the perfect balance of technology and one I was grateful to have.

So tell me, how does technology work in your household?

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Roxanne P-CH January 21, 2013 at 2:31 pm

In our house it’s a matter if what would we do without it. Partner is in ITS so it’s a big part of work. He’s set up the house with it’s own server which is great. We have two desk tops, a personal laptop, both have work laptops and I have an i device. He’s never on a device at home, or rarely. He hates social networks! I’m on mine a lot. Working, networking, blogging, checking the weather (possibly my biggest habit, dorky I know). Having said that. We get out, exercise, go camping, take bub for walks, eat together tech free, talk. As you said, it’s all about balance.


Melissa {Suger} January 21, 2013 at 3:25 pm

We have a lot here, especially now Hubby has all his devices for work. But try and take time out from them, otherwise, it just sends you batty. I think!

In my experience with your family, you guys have an amazing balance of technology and time outside/doing other activities. I think it takes a certain amount of technology savvy on the part of the parent to get that balance right. So well done you.


Kathryn January 21, 2013 at 9:21 pm

We have a lot of technology in our house and the kids are getting pretty savvy. I thought we were cruising along nicely, until the girls (whom we love) who live across the street got ipods for Christmas. The ‘nearly 10 year olds’ have thrown themselves into face-timing each other and very frequent texting. We’ve had to establish new ground rules. They’re all surprisingly good about the rules and go along with them without being reminded.

I think that’s the thing – setting clear boundaries about the use of technology in the house; talking about what’s good/what’s not; and making sure there is much, much, much more time that is not about technology :)


Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions January 23, 2013 at 12:36 pm

Mia has spent the last couple of months figuring out how to use my iPad and is a now a pro at 14 months old. She knows how to get in to all the kids apps, what each one does, how to get out of them and go in to the next one, how to get out of any problem easily, it’s really quite amazing (and not just a little scary!) to watch. I have limited her use of it to mostly mornings , and for no longer than about 20 mins all up and it works perfectly. She’s happy to sit and have a play in the morning while sitting beside my bed so I can find the energy to drag myself out, and other times , like yesterday, when I really need 10 mins to lie on the lounge and cool-down after playing at the park, its a blessing for keeping her quiet and happy.

Now if only I could get her Dad to limit his use of his phone! I limit my use particularly during Mia’s waking hours and set myself time limits of 2-3 hours in the evenings, but not every night and not at all on the weekends, that’s our family time, and again, I just need to tear Dave away from his games on his phones a bit more often but I get that that is how he likes to relax so don’t worry so much when he’s playing in the evenings of the weekend, I use it as an excuse to read or have a long shower!


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