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by Danielle on January 18, 2013

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I’m not the kind of mother who lets who kids willingly jump from the couch on a daily basis. In fact a little incident I was involved in when I was younger resulting in two broken legs means they very rarely do it at all and it’s never something that is aloud to happen. We live way too far from the hospital for that sillyness and Violet already greets the local ambulance lady with a smile like they are old buddies. So they will not be none of that happening in this household.

The other day I turned the tv on while I prepared to mop the floors and I told the girls if you insist on staying in the lounge then I suggest you do not move from this couch or you will be in big trouble. I came back a few minutes later to find they had discovered their own fun on the couch that didn’t involve the tv. Who knows, they probably saw it on the tv. They were laughing and giggling and looked so happy, I couldn’t help but pick up my camera and join them for a minute or two and capture the moment.

So I let them have their fun. I let them jump on the couch, just for a minute or two and then I kicked them outside where all good ferals belong to burn off some steam before dinner before any broken bones occurred.

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