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by Danielle on January 28, 2013

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It’s 5am on Monday 28th January 2013. We have officially been disconnected from the world for a total of eleven hours. We first noticed it when the TV went off at bowls club around 6pm on Sunday and then just a few minutes later the eftpos machine couldn’t find a connection when I went to pull out money to pay for some chips for dinner. Luckily we had just enough coin in our pockets to pay for our chips and returned home.

Upon our arrival at home I noticed something wasn’t right, the kids had just turned off their movie in the spare room and were starting to surface while my husband sat frustrated on the couch playing with his iPad. He mentioned something about some of the channels not working on the TV and then said..I don’t think the Internet is working. I walked to the kitchen and looked st the little black box that powered so much of our lives, our down time, our freedom and that’s when I saw the flashing red light. His suspicions were correct, the internet was not working.

I didn’t stress as hubby had moved from the couch and was bringing in dinner from the barbeque so we dished up and sat down at the table to eat. We opened a bottle of coke {such a rare treat for this little diabetic} and enjoyed a peaceful family meal.

After dinner we bribed the kids with a new movie and while they ran around getting washed and dressed I picked up the home phone and it still had a dial tone so I put it back down and I instructed my husband to check the signal on his phone, next picking up mine. We looked at each other and at the same time repeated SOS, we were cut off.

It has been raining for days and although the weather had died off it was now affecting the lower part of the state but we couldn’t figure out how that would be affecting our local signal. Either way there was nothing we could do about it so once the kids were ready we all got cozy on the couch with a bag of maltesters and watched our movie.

It felt like ages since we had all sat together and just chilled together, the five of us. My parents had been here a month and it has been a huge help in the evenings. I guess it’s easy to give in to helpers and for hubby and I to soak up the alone time before this new baby arrived. Violet moved closer for a cuddle and I looked up at the TV least we have power, thank god for air conditioning.

Which brings me to now. 5:33am on Monday morning. I lay awake, still pregnant and not able to sleep in bed, absolutely bored. I would usually roll over in bed and reach for my phone finding myself online flicking through social media sites or looking up baby names. But today I lie here in the dark, waiting, hoping that all is right in the world and if I can really be bothered to move to the lounge room and retrieve my laptop to watch a movie.

Fingers crossed we are connected again soon and the balance is restored. I fear we may have to leave the house at some point today as I only have chick flicks left on my laptop.

Over and out.


My parents arrived home at 2pm to inform us Mackay had been cut off all evening too. They had decided to escape for the weekend and were worried they couldn’t get in contact with us so they took a detour on the way home to make sure we had not checked into the hospital for an early arrival. It’s safe to say they were very relieved to find us sitting on the couch watching a movie when they walked through the front door. 

The power came back on later this afternoon around 4pm, almost 24 hours after first being disconnected.I logged onto facebook to see that friends from Mt Isa to Rockhampton had also been to cut off and were missing their daily addiction to the online world and while this may seem so trivial to what is happening in the lower part of the state right now I take comfort in the fact that this is what we know and right now, all we can do is go at our own pace and hope the rest of the state pulls through safely. 

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