Bump Watch: 37 Weeks

by Danielle on January 23, 2013

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A few weeks ago while we were on holidays I had a moment of weakness while shopping with my sisters. They were all in the change room trying on new swimmers and I thought to myself why am I trying to squeeze into this ugly maternity swimsuit when I could spend the next few weeks looking and feeling good in something fabulous. I called the shop assistant over and we walked around gave her my requirements {big boobs/ good support, transition from maternity to breastfeeding, good quality} and then walked around the shop picking a few different styles in different colours. Ten minutes later I walked out of the shop sporting a brand new bikini with my wallet feeling a hell of a lot lighter.

I’ve had a funny feeling about this week. That this journey is coming to an end faster then we realise and I just knew deep down this week was going to creep up and kick me in the arse and Oh boy, has it done just that.

I really wanted to capture a few raw images of my belly, bikini and all before this pregnancy comes to an end so earlier in the week while Mum & Dad were entertaining the kids I snuck off to one of my secret spots to do just that.

My belly just seems to be getting bigger and bigger and it’s all baby, there is seriously nothing else to me and I have no idea how this kid can just keep on growing but each day it just seems to keep on going. I really wish I’d got my act together and taken these photos last week because this week pregnancy has really hit ┬ámy face is starting to look a little tired, my legs have doubled in size and my ankles are disappearing fast, the joys of pregnancy. At 37 weeks I guess I can’t really complain can I.

37.24 The girls brought me this dress for christmas and it’s so light and comfortable that I bribed my sister to tell me where it came from and I seriously could have found the motivation to walk down the hill and buy ten more.
37.8 37.11 37.19 37.22 37.1

In this moment of peace I wonder about our journey and how this pregnancy really has stretched me to my limits in more ways then I thought possible and how the arrival of this new baby will change our lives and do we know exactly what we have got ourselves into.

I bump into people on the street and they talk about how hard life is going to be and how crazy life with four kids is but I honestly have never felt that with any of our kids and truly believe it comes down to your temperament and your form of parenting style. If you are a cool, calm and collected person that is exactly what your children are going to pick up on too, if you stress about every detail and focus on all of the negatives in life then it’s not really anybodies fault but your own.

┬áThis year I’m discovering more and more that life is about balance and how you control it. Balance in your home, balance in your marriage and balancing the world around you and if all else fails..the land of wishful thinking is a magical little world to live in, right?

FYI – The swimmers were totally worth the investment.

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