Wholemeal Pancakes

by Danielle on December 2, 2012

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Earlier in the week I had a rather boring conversation with my dieticianI, it was the usual stuff I had heard before. I was managing my diabetes well but I needed to work on day time food, I needed to start snacking. I wanted to tell her I’m just not a snack kind of girl and that I only get a limited amount of time to actually sit down during the day and take time out for me. Instead I smiled and told her that wouldn’t be a problem and she went on. The whole time I sat there I kept thinking how young and skinny she was, like seriously skinny and I just don’t know how much I can take away from that. Hasn’t she seen that sign, never trust a skinny cook.

This morning Luigi left early to go fishing so I decided I’d take her advice on board and skip our usual breakfast routine and try a bit of snacking during the day. The first step to that was pancakes but not just any pancakes, whole meal pancakes.
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It was a bit of a risk. I wasn’t sure if the kids would taste the difference as I’d never used wholemeal flour before but thankfully they were gobbled up without a single compliant. Not that to me is a total success.

Wholemeal Pancakes

1 cup whole meal self raising flour

1 cup of milk

1 egg


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