The long dirt track

by Danielle on April 27, 2012

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Yesterday I drove out to my husbands office and came home via the scenic route with the intention of stopping to photograph some cows. The sun was setting and they were all heading for home ground and it was the perfect time to be out. I pulled up next to this gorgeous mumma cow, grabbed my massive camera out of my bag and realised I hadn’t put the memory care back in earlier in the day.

To say I was devasted was an under statement I knew if I went home to get my memory card she wouldn’t be there again. I drove home and dumped the kids with my husband, ran inside to get my memory card and set off again.

When I was growing up I use to beg my mum to let me go out to our cousin’s house every spare moment we had during the school holidays. Even at such a young age I remember sitting on the back of the quad bike riding along with the wind in my hair and feeling absolutely free. I really am a bush girl to the core and as we rode from through the paddocks passing horses, sheep, kangaroos, snakes and so more the only thing that stopped me was the cows.

The cows stopped me in their tracks. Different colours and textures and Each one of them with a different story to tell, it each more interesting then then next. I always felt this strange sense of excitement when standing in a field of cows and yesterday it was no different. Maybe it was because they were so unpredictable and you could never tell what was going on in their heads.

I didn’t find my mumma cow but I did find a few other cheeky cows and the drive without the kids was rather peaceful.

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