How to make your own dumplings?

by Danielle on April 5, 2012

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The thing I really miss most of all about living in the city is having sushi train just five minutes drive from my house. For the first few months the cravings were insane so I really had to make a plan and do something about it. My create my own.

Now I’m the kinda person who doesn’t cook by measurements. I’m the kinda girl who glances at a recipe, tweaks, throws everything in there and hopes it works for the best. So I’m going to do my best to guide you along the way and were going to make some kick arse dumplings for you to dish up this weekend.

Now the first step is to put on a fancy apron {I know you totally can’t see it} and your favourite necklace, I choose to wear my emily green necklace because it always makes me feel fabulous and it’s important to be happy when your cooking.

The next step is to pull out some gow gee wrappers. You can find these in the fridge section of your super market. Mine is usually kept near the pasta but I have also found them near the eggs at times too so just hunt around and if you can’t find them ask for assistance. You can also get them from your local asian store. They cost just under $2 a packet so their super cheap.

Then your going to need about 500 grams of mince. Now I usually use pork mince to make my dumplings but I made these for a friend who doesn’t eat pork so this time around I used chicken mince.

Now you get to be a little bit creative. It’s time to make these dumplings your own. Throw in your favourite herbs {fresh is always best} and any other flavours you may like but remember don’t go crazy. I usually add spinach to mine but I didn’t have anything time so I kept it simple ¬†with a little bit of ginger and mixed herbs.

Last time we were in town my husband brought me one of these flavour packets from the asian so I threw one of those in too.

Once you have everything in your bowl give it a good mix and pull out your gow gee wrappers. Place a tea soon of mixture onto the wrapper and fold it in half. Now start from one end and create little folds along the top.

Once your done you should have something like this. Doesn’t it just look delicious! Now it’s time to cook them and there is a lot of ways you can do

this. You can steam them, boil them or deep fry them. I usually boil mine but today I choose to steam them and serve with sweet and chilli cause and sushi train mayo which you can also buy from your local supermarket. This recipe can make up to 40 dumplings but you will need two packs of gow gee wrappers.


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