Why don’t you comment?

by Danielle on November 2, 2011

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My mum reads my blog..but she’s doesn’t comment. She tells me she’s technologically challenged and she is so that’s ok.
My sister reads my blog..she tells me that she can’t comment from her phone. I think she’s just lazy.
My friends read my blog..I know they have been, I see it in my stats. I have google analytics people. But they don’t comment. If analytics didn’t exist I wouldn’t know they had been.
It’s like walking past my house while I’m sitting on the verandah and you just keep walking and don’t stop to say hello.

We all do it. I’m guilty of it myself sometimes. So tell me. Why don’t you comment? And why don’t you change that today. Not just on this blog but others too. Tell me who you are and where your from and why you read my blog or just pop in and say HI!

Disclaimer: This post isn’t directed at you and why you read or don’t read and comment on my blog. It’s simply a question. Asked…in reference to all blogs and your blogging routine and how you factor the comment/no comment factor into your blogging life style.

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