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by Danielle on September 19, 2011

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You know what. Sometimes I don’t feel like having sex. And sometimes I feel bad for my husband because I really should have sex with him {his a good husband} but I just can’t be bothered. Sometimes I feel like he looks at me like I’m this sex machine who has the energy of an energizer bunny, If only he knew the truth. There’s even times when I see that magic glint in his eyes and I know his thinking I’m some sort of super horny baby making machine.
So today I’ve compiled a list. It’s a little bit tongue in cheek. His a bit of a secret blog spy so I hope he finds it funny.
10 reasons not to have sex with my husband
1.  I don’t feel like it
2.  I’m too tired
3. The kids might wake up
4.  I just ate cake
5. Grey’s Anatomy is coming on in 10 minutes
6.  I have to do the dishes (ha)
7.  We’ve run out of milk I should go to the shops
8.  I’m already in my pajamas
9. It’s that time of the month
10. He just farted, perhaps he needs to go to the bathroomand

10 reasons why I should have sex with with my husband1.  Sex is good for you
2.  I have an awesome body, who wouldn’t want to have sex with me
3.  Having sex makes people less stressed
4.  My husband has a really nice arse
5.  I still owe him for posing naked in Cosmo
6.  It’s been a while
7.  His only home on the weekends
8.  I know I’ll enjoy it once the wheels start spinning

9. It’s good for our marriage

10. I totally could of had sex by now..

My husband’s not home until Friday..so I hope reads this and it makes him smile.

Now. Don’t be shy. We have all done it at sometime or another. What excuse have you used to get out of sex?

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