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by Danielle on September 5, 2011

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We have been having skin problems with Violet for a while now but they have been rapidly getting worse the last couple of weeks. Violet spends her days constantly scratching her body, constantly trying to inflict pain on herself, constantly trying to find a way to scratch the itch. It’s a relentless battle and most certainly is not getting any easier.
Last week I took her to our gp {who is the nicest guy on the planet} and he looked at her body and wrote me a script for steroid cream. I wanted to scream That’s it. That’s all you can do.  But instead I picked up the script and walked away.
Last night we couldn’t settle Violet. We tried every trick in the book and nothing worked.  She scratched at her body like a wild animal. She screamed when we pulled her hands away. Her body was red raw and we were both at our witts ends so after a quick call to 13 health I made the decision to take her to the hospital.
Having nobody close by to mind the kids I packed her bag and left Luigi to mind the kids. I drove towards the hospital holding my emotions intact, I couldn’t afford to crumble now or I would never make it.
We made it to the hospital and I parked on the street close by and headed for the ER. Violet was so exhausted that she actually managed to sleep while we waited. If anything that was the only bonus of coming to the hospital {so far} Two hours later we were seen by the doctor. It was like her was reading from a script. He said the same things as our gp and offered the same advice.
I sat there thinking this feels like deju’vu. I know this picture. I have been here before. This is exactly what happened with my husband. Countless trips to the doctors and then specialist all playing pass the parcel and handing out different forms of drugs, steroid creams, anti hist ermines. We’d been down this road before and I wouldn’t couldn’t do it again. Thousands of dollars and no answers and then out of the blue a stroke of luck and my husband sees a doctor who diagnoses him with cancer.
I know this isn’t the same. I know Violet has dermatitis and a severe case of eczema but it feels the same. Doctors who don’t have the answers. Doctors who tell you one thing and are literally just taking a stab in the dark because whats the chances they will ever see you again.
I was told to keep doing exactly what I was doing and Violet was given some drugs to help her sleep. We arrived home an hour later and collapsed in bed. Violet didn’t wake until 9:30 this morning. I kept Effie home from school until then. I was too afraid to wake Violet, too worried about interrupting her sleep.
Right now Violet is sleeping. She looks exhausted and I’m sure she feels bloody exhausted just as I am.  I’m sitting here fighting the temptation to sleep, too afraid If I sleep I won’t wake up to pick Effie up from school.
I really hope for the short term these drugs make Violet feel better and give her a bit of relief. That they give her skin a chance to recover and perhaps heal its self. But today all I pray for is rest. Lots and lots of rest.


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