Teaching my kids the value of money

by Danielle on March 10, 2011

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Now that were back in the city we have access to so many wonderful activities and there’s so much more to explore but sometimes it feels like a constant battle with the kids always asking to go somewhere or take a quick trip to Sushi Train or Hanaichi {its true, they opt for sushi over MD’s}.

I wanted to teach them about the value of money and let them see that everything that we do in our lives and it’s not just given to us so a few weeks ago the kids and I started doing a catalog run in our local area. Twice a week the kids and I pack up and deliver catalog in a very peaceful part of our suburb. It takes us about an hour and we usually stop at the park for a snack and a play.

I can’t tell you how fantastic it’s been for the kids. It’s so nice to get them out doors and indulge in a little bit of exercise, it seems to happen so rarely these days. Effie usually pushes the trolley while Josceline runs up and puts the catalog in the mail box.
While we walk we have lots of talks about money and what their money could buy them. What I love the most is that it’s getting them to think outside the box. Ef’s old enough to know what she’s working towards and how doing these little things means that all the little things we do like eating out and buying gifts are things that are earned and money don’t just grow on trees. Right now the girls are saving for a trip to sea world and if they keep it up they will be there before they know it.

Disclaimer: This little side project is under my name and I am in no way using my children to profit off their hard work it’s simple a way for my kids to think outside the box and give them a chance to understand the value of money and what good comes from working hard and earning a little cash. Realistically to do this I spend a few night sitting in front of the tv folding catalogs and watching trashy tv and then the girls walk a few streets in the afternoon and I pop out and do the rest when their in bed if there is any left over. If it’s hot or raining or blowing a gail I do not send my children out to deliver catalogs, we just stay home and chill in front of the tv or do art and craft in the kitchen.

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