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by Danielle on February 26, 2010

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For those of you out there in the big wide world who haven’t seen my husband in the last few days I thought it might be time to announce…I’m having a baby or two. Were not exactly sure yet.

You see the doctors are predicting two while I’m madly hoping and praying for one single unit.

It’s still early days and right now were about the 6-7 week mark and all we can do is play the waiting game.

Since announcing my pregnancy to the girls a few days ago I have already found out that two of my close friends are pregnant with two more following close behind.

My body has magical powers and has already started to expand rapidly and I’m already kicking my girl friends butts in the bump race {and they are at least two-three weeks in front}.

I’ve been feeling pretty good so far and I really hope that continues. My biggest fear is that the pregnancy is going to take allot out of me and bring on my previous health problems so I’m really trying my best to eat healthy and keep active and make sure I rest when I need to.

Were off to town tonight to go bowling with our friends and I’m already completely exhausted..stay tuned for a photo of my snoozing on the plastic chairs at the bowling alley.

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