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by Danielle on May 11, 2009

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I have had this post open on my computer all day and I just couldn’t sit down and write it because I just couldn’t put what I wanted to say into words. It’s amazing how something so simple as a post on my blog feels so incredibly hard.

As most of you know a while ago I put my name down to be part of the first ever Blogging Your Way course run by the amazing Holly Becker over at Decor8. When the announcement was first sent out I had no idea how much it would cost, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it. 800 people applied and it was first come, first served and I was one of the extremely lucky 207 students to be accepted. When I started the course I wasn’t sure what to expect. I jumped right into the forums and group assignments and felt I was in my element but there was so much information being given out I often felt like my head was about to explode. It was so amazing to be connected to so many amazing blogger from all over the world, to be feeding off each others thoughts and bouncing them around your head and then helping them to recycling them back into a creative environment. I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people. Somedays I feel like it was all a dream, I had no idea what a huge impact this course was going to make not only on my blog but my whole life.

Thank you to Holly for your inspiration, dedication and amazing support throughout the course and Thank you to all of the students who have provided feedback on my blog and supported me on my journey. I have learnt so much from all of you and I’m really going to miss you all, I can not wait to keep in touch via our blogs.

As our last assignment Holly has asked us to share five blogs from my fellow class mates. While doing the course I really did try and read everybody’s blogs but it’s just not possible to read 207 blogs a day without neglecting my children so I’m slowly working my way through the list and I have already found so many wonderful blogs I want to keep reading.Sussanah is a photographer who started blogging in 2005 after the man she loved died suddenly. She used her blog as a refugee for her heart and hasn’t looked back since. Sussanah runs an online e-course that is all about re-connecting with the real you. She loves cappuccinos, dark chocolate and wearing flip flops. I love Sussanah’s blog because it’s so honest and always inspirational, it makes me want to whip out my camera and start snapping.

Run by Caroline and Lauren, Kelly+Olive is one seriously cool blog that has amazing ideas you can’t help but steal. It’s fresh, fun and vibrant and makes me feel motivated to do more in my home, to give it that special touch.

Alex is a down to earth chick who lives in San Francisco with her husband Greg and their adorable son Wolfie {Isn’t that the coolest name} Alex and I had an instant connection, like long lost soul sisters. I can totally see us sitting the back yard chugging back a few glasses of bevi’s while the kids run around having a ball. Alex {also known as galexiegirl} loves color, vintage, fashion and is so full of life. Alex has a saying which I totally love, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. I’m totally going to think of that from now on.

Danielle is a research scientist turned crafty, she has always loved photography, art and craft and one day hopes to ditch her white coat and make a living doing what she loves. Danielle resides in Brisbane and makes me miss the place like crazy. Danielle loves aprons, brown owls and has a huge craving for caffeine on a Saturday morning. That’s my kinda girl.

Is a delicious vegetarian blog run by Erin from Boston. Erin is a designer inspired by life, food and unique places. Every time I read Erin’s blog I feel seriously hungry and want to run straight to the kitchen and start cooking, I’m dying to try her sweet pea soup.

Images: via blogs, as linked above.

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